Gemma Levine was born in London, in 1939. Her career as a photographer began in 1975. Since then, through three decades she has published 20 books of photographs and shown over 60 exhibitions world wide.

Gemma is best known for her striking black and white photography. Since 1984 she has taken photographs of many major contemporary British people. These include politicians, sportsmen, actors, artists, writers, dancers and important business figures. Her subjects range from six Prime Ministers, to Royalty and to leading Theatre artists. She celebrated 25 years of her work at the National Portrait Gallery in 2001.

Her best seller “Go with the Flow” (published by Quartet Books in 2012) was based on her personal journey through cancer on the positive side.

In her latest book “Just One More” (published by Elliot & Thompson in April 2014) Gemma related her memoirs in the form of vignettes from her professional life, which were extracted from her diaries. Each story is accompanied by photographs, letters or poems. The book has three main sections. Henry Moore, Israel, and Famous Faces of the UK.

Cartoon of Gemma Levine

© 1980 Evening Standard


‘With Henry Moore’ Photographs and Text. Sidgwick & Jackson.
‘Israel: Faces & Places’ Photographs (Foreword Golda Meir) Weidenfeld & Nicholson.
‘Living With the Bible’ Photographs & Watercolours. (Text Moshe Dayan) Weidenfeld & Nicholson.

‘We live in Israel’ Photographs and text. Wayland Publishers.

‘Living in Jerusalem’ Photographs and captions Wayland Publishers.
‘The Young Inheritors’ Photographs (Foreword Herman Wouk) Dial Press USA.

‘Henry Moore ; Wood Sculpture’ Photographs and Text. Sidgwick & Jackson.

‘Henry Moore – an Illustrated Biography’ Photographs (Text William Packer) Weidenfeld & Nicholson.

‘Faces of the 80s’ Photographs (Foreword The Rt Hon Margaret Thatcher) Collins.

‘Faces of British Theatre’ Photographs (Foreword John Guielgud) Prion Books.

‘People of the 90’s’ Photographs (Foreword HRH Princess Diana) Harper Collins.

‘Memories’(Foreword Jonathan Miller) Ebury Press.

‘My Favourite Hymn’ Photographs (Foreword HRH Prince Michael of Kent) Robson Books.

‘Claridge’s – Within the Image’ Photographs (Foreword David Frost) HarperCollins.

‘Mayfair’ Photographs (Foreword Martin Gilbert – Text Michael Portillo) HarperCollins.

‘Go with the Flow’ Text and photographs (Foreword 1. Prof Daniel Hochhauser 2. HRH The Duchess of Cornwall) Quartet Books.

Let’s Talk Lymphoedema: The Essential Guide to Everything You Need to Know (co-author Prof Peter Mortimer) Elliott & Thompson publishing.


Over 60 photographic exhibitions; UK and worldwide.

25 years Retrospective at The National Portrait Gallery.
Others: Sotheby’s; The Royal National Theatre; House of Lords; House of Commons: Serpentine Gallery; The Royal Festival Hall; The Barbican; Leeds City Art Gallery; Tel-Aviv University; University of Jerusalem. (others)

Gemma Levine’s Henry Moore archive is housed and on permanent exhibition at The Tate Gallery – Tate Britain, London. Gemma lectures at Tate Britain on Henry Moore.

2018/2019 Gemma Levine’s black and white, iconic photographs of Princess Diana appear in Kensington Palace at a public exhibition “Diana: Her Fashion Story”.

Current Events:

2015 BBC 2 TV Documentary “Welcome to Mayfair” (repeats on TV).

2019/2020 Gemma Levine,  supported by Dame Judi Dench, is raising awareness for Lymphoedema and money for research. She has a card designed by a top British artist, for ‘Seasons Greetings’. To purchase the cards call, St George’s Hospital Charity. (Telephone no: 020 8725 4522).

Gemma is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.